Model Behaviour

Whippets make very good models for drawing.  Their elegant physique and clearly defined musculature make them the perfect subject matter when a nude model is simply out of the question.  Combined with the fact that they like to spend most of their lives draped on the nearest comfy object which is usually one of their kind or a convenient lap, (with occasional periods of intense activity which is done at break-neck speed and impossible to record with the naked eye), and you have the material for some serious life-drawing studies.

The Whippet Enclosure                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The room where they sleep is just off the kitchen separated only by a child gate and is kitted out for their comfort.  My daughter, who calls them ‘prawns’, has likened it to an enclosure at the Zoo.  They have a 2-tiered bed system, made out of large rectangular cardboard  boxes salvaged from the packaging that the garden chairs came in that just happens to be the perfect size for my table – with one box on top, and one underneath – and ideally replaceable when you have puppies that devour whatever they can get their teeth around, acting as a brief distraction from the table-legs.  We are now onto our 4th chair box, just 2 left to go.   When filled with old cushions and pillows, they make excellent large beds that the prawns can all share.  The spaniel, being in her dotage, has a bed next to the Aga.  Whippets aren’t territorial when it comes to sleeping arrangements, and being short-coated they like to snuggle together for warmth, often in a heap, but preferably in your bed hunkered down under the covers.  This is strictly not allowed in our house because four whippets one spaniel and a cat would mean we would be sleeping on the floor!  When they get too hot, to cool off they lie on their backs with their legs straight up in the air like a beetle on it’s back.