Open For Business

draft idea for new Business Card

I have been trying to design a new Business Card so that I can give my contact details to visitors when I open my studio at the end of the month for Cornwall Open Studios week.  I can’t decide which image to use but I think I might settle on this one.  On the other hand……



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4 responses to “Open For Business

  1. Jane

    Do you use your Facebook page to promote your work? If so, you could maybe put that onto the card as well? It looks very good with that strong image!
    My first mentoring session was great. For the first time in years I was able to really be honest about my creative ‘block’ and also about what I want to do with my work. I now have a ‘scheme of work’ and have already started! It’s really exciting and I just want to get on with it – time is always an issue, but at least I am moving forward.


    • Thank you Jane, but I must confess I am not a fan of Facebook, even though it works a treat for lots of people. Plus there is a limit to how much information I can fit on the BC without it looking cluttered.
      Pleased you are pushing through with your scheme of work – time is always an issue but 30 snatched minutes being ‘actively creative’ is better than zero minutes.
      How about starting a blog yourself (I’m assuming you don’t have one already) and recording your progress?


  2. Jane

    I don’t have the courage – fear of failure is always a present danger with me and it’s better at the moment that I just play on my own!


    • Your comment has been the inspiration for my next post: Risk Assessment. I hope my reply is a small measure of inspiration for you . It is as much a treatise to myself as it is dedicated to you! Enjoy.


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