A Crisis of Confidence?

beach sketches for Winter Headland

Now that I have my studio back to myself, (minus flies) I am experiencing a Zen moment every time I enter this sacred domain.  However, the warm glow is tinged with an attack of the jitters.  I am about to embark on a whole new and exciting body of work – whatever that happens to be.  I have ideas but until I actually make a start, I don’t know where it will lead.  Trying to sell artwork in this current economic climate of cutbacks and redundancies is hard enough and making art without any assured income at the end of it, a particularly precarious business, even positively suicidal to many an artist’s career.

The creative process is a solitary occupation, so whenever the opportunity arises, I  enjoy working with other creatives in other disciplines, and have often initiated the process myself.  However, I don’t fit into any particular ‘School of Painting’, such as the Newlyn Painters, (Peter Lanyon is more my genre) nor am I part of a select contemporary St.Ives clique (absolutely no offence intended).  So, as a relative newcomer to Cornwall – in the artistic arena – where do I start to get noticed as a complete unknown?  With so many artists already living and working in Devon and Cornwall alone and rumoured to be over 90,000, tho’ don’t quote me, you can’t move without tripping up over them.  That’s thousands of individuals vying for the same tiny pot of cash destined for artwork.  How can one ever hope to stand out from the crowd?  Is appropriation and collaboration the answer?  I could start my own collective and initiate a new ‘movement’!

But I am a solitary creature at heart.  Having spent the past 6 years taking care of other people’s needs, I am positively wallowing in the luxury of my own company.  A commission for a wedding present to be completed within the next month will keep me busy while I ponder this question, and plough on regardless, as I have always done in the past.  Only this time, I shall just have to conjure up a little bit more potent magic to get by.



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2 responses to “A Crisis of Confidence?

  1. Jane

    I guess that there are two questions in all this – what do you want your work to acheive – and what do you want to acheive with your work? Discuss….

    But don’t let the questions keep you away from the work – and the wonderful Springtime!


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