Delia and Ginger Beer

The Royal Nepalese Crest

Other timely gems from the cuttings are several recipes extracted from the pages of the Evening Standard in the 197o’s written by a very fresh-faced Delia Smith as well as more colourful extracts from Sunday supplements, now brown and mottled with age, but at a time when tobacco companies were still taking full-paged, coloured  advertisements.   The ads for jobs are great.  Columns of office vacancies for secretaries and clerks with salaries from £2,000 per annum with ‘accounts’ positions being offered for a slightly better £3,000 plus.  That’s a whopping £57 per week!  A friend of my Ma has sent her a recipe for Ginger Beer, hand-written on the back of a red-crested invitation to attend the birthday celebration of His Majesty King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shar Deva, the Nepalese Ambassador at a Reception at the Royal Nepalese Embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens in 1969.


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