lace cap hydrangeas


lace cap hydrangeas

Clover petals in clusters of cream

Shades of white, and soft ultramarine,

Standing on stalks above fawn pom-pom tops

Turning to paper with pink peppery spots.

Leggy sweet peas swaying, tall scented heads

Cut from long shadows in late Autumn beds,

Faded remnants of late Summer’s bloom

Sparkling jewels peeping out of the gloom.

Symbols of hope that life lingers on

A little bit jaded, but definitely not done.

Arranged in the pot unearthed near the tree

A sweet-smelling posy presented to me.

Denied icy winds or snows to devour

My latest venture, my muse to inspire.

A simple still-life, yet therein lies,

Just take a moment to feast the eyes:

There, placed on the table covered with cloth

That had lain on the floor in front of the hearth,

Visible proof of slumber before Spring

A moment of stillness for breathing again.

Caro Woods, January 2011