Anja’s film project

Anja has asked me to hold the camera for the film piece she has conceived….this is the first sequence we shot as a sort of sketch to see what could work and what didn’t work, such as the wobbly bit when I was holding the camera above my head to get a shot from Anja’s level……we will have to take the step-ladder next time.  However, we did manage to get some lovely ‘contre jour’ imagery in a very misty coastal landscape which seems to fit in really nicely with the intended feel of the piece.  Brooding and grey in this derelict industrial landscape.  Esteban’s music compliments the mood beautifully and the bird song coming through Anja’s poem is an unexpected highlight for me.   Can’t wait to do some more filming.   Like painting in the landscape, no two days are ever the same, and the lighting will be completely different next time – we just have to work with what we have on the day.   My new visual adventure has begun.