Not all Black and White. (Exploring Caves)

preparatory drawings for 'Plemont Cave'

My whole experience of drawing really took off when I began to walk the cliff paths around Jersey’s coastline – where I was living at the time.  Snatched moments to myself when my children began to spend a few hours at playschool.  I would take a sketch book with me tucked into my pocket, making hasty notes as I went along.  Walking along rocky shores quickly became a refuge and a bit of an obsession.  Caves presented an intriguing dilemma.  Their dark openings in the cliff-face beckoning hidden interiors that invite exploration at the risk of being cut off by the tide.  A kind of symbol to life, that only discovery of the unknown is rewarded by a certain amount of risk taken.  The question: is that reward worth the perceived risk?  In most cases, it most definitely is.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.