sunrise Italy
Sunrise, Italy. 10 minute acrylic sketch

In my creative art workshops, at the end of each working period, I gather all the student’s work together for an informal exhibition and conduct a mini-critique of each piece of work.  Most of my students relish this moment to see their work alongside others in this way, and it is also such a valuable learning tool for the group as a whole, as we all learn from each other about certain ‘blind spots’ we all have at times.  As a tutor, I see my primary role as helping students learn how to really LOOK at things and that there is absolutely no room for ‘sloppy’ methods to disguise uncertainty.  There are no short cuts.  The more you practice it the easier it is to see how it works or functions, and make real progress.  We all need to be hyper-critical about the quality of our work, as well as seek the opinions of those we trust to offer constructive criticism about the things we ourselves might not notice.  Of course, the severest critics are usually ourselves and I use exactly the same criteria when critiquing other people’s work as I do when making judgements about my own.