Along Certain Lines

Peeling Apple, pencil drawing

A drawing is simply a series of ‘lines’ executed in a specific place, in a specific way.  It makes me think of Eric Morecombe’s words when accused by André Previn in the famous ‘piano’ sketch that he was not playing the right notes said, ‘Ah, but I am playing all the right notes….. not necessarily in the right order’.  Sometimes, a drawing can be a bit of a discordant muddle – a confusion of lines.  Our job is to define some order out of potential chaos.  Are you looking at the object as an ‘object’ – say an apple for instance, or are you looking at it in simple terms, such as a spherical form that occupies a certain space?  Are you noticing where the lines that run along the edge of things change direction,   Do some edges ‘melt’ into the background?  Are you paying enough attention to the tonal qualities and shapes of the shadows?  What happens when one object meets another?  Does the line define a shape, or outline a negative space, or both?  Is the drawing wildly energetic and slightly chaotic or does it convey a feeling of calm and order?  Are you paying too much attention to intricate details – such as a blemish for instance – before you have established a basic working composition?  So much to think about……


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One response to “Along Certain Lines

  1. lizzie

    Hi Caro, love the site, am going to set myself up a still life of an apple and try and do it, but, first I am going to copy yours which I have just printed off to get an idea of how some of the marks are made.
    Lizzie x


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