It’s all in the Process

Cycle of Images, mixed media in CD boxes

The processes an artist goes through to make something tangible is when you see them working, often at their most creative – ideas at their inception – and possibly most intuitive moments; a vulnerable stage, perhaps where the artist exposes himself in the raw workings of his mind.   These often tangled, seemingly chaotic preliminary ideas can sometimes be far more revealing about the individual than work that has been carefully prepared for public exhibition and scrutiny .  The real buzz is when someone views your work and has some sort of real connection with it.  The artwork then becomes the language of true communication, as in any other art form.  Such moments are ones to savour, both for the viewer and for the maker.  The sculptor, Rachel Whiteread said, “the process of drawing is like writing a diary.  It’s a nice way of thinking about time passing.”  ‘Cycle of Images’ was one of my earlier works where I put sketch book drawings of the landscape, done on the spot at different times of the year, and found objects such as seaweed and leaves, into empty CD boxes and displayed them in a large grid to represent the changing seasons.