Driven to Abstraction

Coastal Landscape, mixed mediaAll art is abstract – by its very nature, it has to be.  If you accept the notion that art is a concept – a personal view of a certain reality, then that is an ‘abstract’ idea.  In painting, there is no other way to represent the world around us than by ‘abstracting’ all the spatial proportions within a deep view landscape, for instance, to transpose that view onto the flat surface of a canvas.  The writer and artist, Patrick Heron said all great paintings from whatever period are all “savouring these abstract elements of spacial reality, of colour reality and of formal reality…” to give an illusion of visible reality.  Abstract Art in a formal sense, takes this idea to another level where it becomes a formal type of non-figurative or non objective art where the artwork is purely defined by either form, colour or line, and may or may not bear any relation to the world we see with our eyes.  The sculptor, Barbara Hepworth abstracted her view of the landscape around her into 3 dimensions, inspired by the shape and textures of beach pebbles, her curving forms often reflecting sweeping bay views and white surf.