Time to Stand and Stare…..


Threshold Glow

Here’s the non-science bit: The other dimensions that we know about and that we rely on in the creative process cannot be explained by science – yet.  Such as our psychic natures which uses a kind of primeval dowsing to tap into things we already know about but are often hidden from us (when we are not paying due attention).  The trick is to learn how to listen – I mean really listen – to the still small voice of our deeper ‘knowing’ – otherwise known as ‘instinct’ / messages from the spirit world – or however you like to perceive it – and act on it.  serendipity is so often dismissed as mere ‘coincidence’ or ignored through a belief that it could not possibly be a ‘message’ from our own spirit natures.  This inner knowing is the collective wisdom that our ancestors have handed down to us and is our birthright, yet cast aside in our high energy, pressurised lives.  To hear / see these messages we need to give them time to become fully ‘audible / visible’ to us.  To quote the French writer, André Gide,  “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.”