You may be looking but are you seeeing?

pic 2
Late Sunflowers, Montmiral, France

There are 2 fundamental ways of looking at the visible world around us.  Despite the many levels of conscious and sub-conscious thought processes we go through to filter all the information around us, it is sometimes hard to see where the boundaries exist between them because they are often so close.  Some of the many ways we respond to the world around us can become highly developed through practice.  I am often aware of being in a deep meditative state when utterly engrossed in the creative process, yet still very much aware of everything that is going on around me.  I also have a pretty good visual memory which comes in handy when navigating my way home from an unfamiliar place because I have already made a mental map of the route and taken in visual clues that will help me recognise (back to front) my way home.