1st post

Hello World!
Hi!  No please!  No fanfare – no fireworks – this is an ordinary day, just like any other.  But for me, it is momentous.  Today marks the beginning of a brand new chapter.  I admit I am just a tad daunted by the prospect.   It wasn’t so long ago when a daily stream of consciousness was a private ritual, kept firmly under lock and key.  Now our diary notes have become global confessions.  Welcome to my world of the short attention span – dominated by ‘spin’ – as in doctor, a yarn, a web.  Bite size phrases, a few scribbled pencil marks on paper, pared down to the barest essential of meaning to grab our attention before it wanders off – lonely as a cyber cloud.  My brother would call such indulgent self-reflection, mere naval-gazing.  It may well be a step too far, even one I might live to regret, but feel compelled to do it all the same.  But what you ask?  Well here goes, enough chat for now….need to sharpen the lead……….